Nyrstar Port Pirie is a cornerstone of the Upper Spencer Gulf Region

South Australia’s Upper Spencer Gulf has a long history of supporting mining and advanced manufacturing as well as providing key regional centres for the rural community.

Port Pirie not only provides a port for the Mid-North region but with its backdrop of the Flinders Ranges and the Gulf, Port Pirie is also a cultural, educational and socio-economic hub for the region.

As a cornerstone employer, the Port Pirie smelter has been associated with South Australia’s prosperity for 127 years , closely linked to the Broken Hill success story that established the State’s fledgling economy.


Nyrstar is a critical employer in the region and a significant contributor to the South Australian economy.

The Port Pirie Redevelopment has the ability to transform Port Pirie, providing certainty and confidence to the community and the wider region. Redevelopment ensures Nyrstar remains Port Pirie's major employer, the most significant private sector contributor to the community and the region and a substantial contributor to the South Australian economy.

Nyrstar Australia is a significant contributor to the Australian economy.

  • Nyrstar’s value add contribution to South Australian Gross State Product (GSP) is ~AUD518 million p.a. Nyrstar contributes AUD1.6 billion to the value of the South Australian economic output. This includes an average value calculation of AUD 755 million of exports p.a.

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