The Transformation Story

Nyrstar and the South Australian Government began discussions in 2011 to determine the best way forward for the company’s Port Pirie operation in the expectation that a new licensing agreement with the South Australian Environmental Protection Authority would require additional investment to transform the existing operation.

A Port Pirie Transformation Taskforce established by the State Government began working with Nyrstar and Commonwealth and State agencies to determine the most advantageous path forward that would deliver certainty to the company and a long-term future for the Port Pirie operation.

In December 2012 Nyrstar reached an in-principle funding and support agreement with the South Australian and Federal Government to redevelop the Port Pirie smelter.

During 2013 Nyrstar received major development approval and regulatory certainty in relation to redevelopment.

The Facility

The Port Pirie redeveloped facility is expected to have an operating life in excess of 30 years and will feature state-of-the-art, proven technology currently installed at more than 25 sites globally.

Government planning approvals have been granted allowing the construction phase to begin this year with the new facility commencing hot commissioning in late 2017.

Redevelopment will replace out-dated sinter plant with a state-of-the-art oxygen enriched enclosed bath smelting furnace technology and new sulphuric acid plant.

Securing redevelopment delivers a sustainable future for the site and the broader Port Pirie community.